Buffalo Wolf (canus lupus nubilus)

McCleery Buffalo Wolf Foundation

The McCleery Buffalo Wolf Foundation has been in operation since 1920 originally founded by Dr. E.H. McCleery – Now located SW of Bridger MT. This facility is the closest this group of wolves has ever been to their original range in the beautiful big sky country of the Highwood Mountains of Montana. On this site you can enjoy some amazing high quality photos of the wolves in their sanctuary habitat. You can learn about the history of the foundation and what the future holds as well. You can read a very informative article from the current CEO about his observations of wolves in the wild. Do you want to consider donating to help keep the wolves and the foundation thriving? We can provide you with all of the information you need to do this right here on our website, this and more, so please click on any link above or below to get started!

Our Mission Statement

When the foundation was created by Dr. E.H McCleery in the nineteen twenties its primary goal was to preserve buffalo wolves or plains wolves, which are native to Montana and Wyoming. The buffalo wolves were hunted nearly to extinction between the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, but the foundation successfully kept a large collection of buffalo wolves alive and reproducing over for more than eighty years

Today we carry on Dr. McCleery’s dream into this century; keeping the wolves alive, and hopefully ensuring that the legacy of Dr. E.H McCleery is the prolonged survival of the buffalo wolves

Quick Facts


Located in the wonderful Big Sky Country, South West of Bridger, Montana


The foundation is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are Tax Deductible


Since 1920 - Providing a sanctuary where the Buffalo Wolf specie can be protected and proliferated