A letter from the CEO

I would like to share some observations about wolves, ones that I think are very important to understand. Every wolf here has its own unique personality. Some are bold and arrogant, some mischievous, some timid and some almost loving. Some of these wolves are happy to spend a day lounging in the sun and others seem to need to keep busy. When I change their water or bring them a snack, many will get excited and run up to visit while others, despite the fact that they see me every day, still remain cautious and hang back. Here is the thing I want people to understand: only someone who is around them every day gets to see that at all. On occasion I will have a visitor and when this happens, the wolves are completely different. They all become far more generic in their behavior and go into more of a flight mode; running around their pens or hanging back and watching from behind bushes. To me this is unfortunate because when those visitors leave they have an impression of the wolves that isn’t very accurate.

It also makes me wonder how many people truly get the opportunity to spend time with wildlife long enough and consistently enough to see an accurate depiction of their lives. I think for some people seeing the wolves in all their majesty is all they expect, and they simply require a good photo or a moment to tell friends. However, there is a great deal more to enjoy if one can create the opportunity.

With this in mind, I would like to install video equipment and have a live feed available so everyone can have a candid view of these guys. For the moment that is just a plan and no more, but hopefully in the near future I will have the chance to share with everyone how the wolves act when they are undisturbed.



Ed Wheeler – Foundation CEO